Kate Rand

Tell us something surprising about yourself

I'm a certified bartender and can make over 200 cocktails from memory.

What’s your favourite holiday destination and why?

Can I cheat and say my house? As much as I love trips abroad, I love cosying up in my house next to my husband on the sofa! I'm all about giving myself time to recuperate as my work can be really hectic!

What are the biggest challenges that are currently facing the industry?

HR as a sector needs to become more flexible to stay relevant. We are drastically behind in terms of evolution. There are small pockets of rebel HR people who are trying to make a difference, but our biggest challenge is ourselves.

What one thing could all organisations do to better address gender inequality?

Stop looking at quotas and start looking at removal of barriers. It’s a mindset shift to one of belonging, and this happens by creating an inclusive workplace where everyone is able to belong, not just because they make up the quota in that particular area. Quotas do not promote equality, because they fail to tackle the root cause of the problem.

Why should reward managers attend your session?

Reward is an interesting conundrum when you take into consideration these factors. Multi-generational workforces and smaller gaps between generations mean successfully motivating everyone using extrinsic/intrinsic rewards is tough. It is unlikely you will find the answer in best practice, but you will need to co-create it with your employees.

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