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We're the low-cost, high-impact way to improve financial wellness across your workforce, without requiring employee opt-in or payroll changes, and with no P11D impact.

DIYMoney is a Financial Education platform which enables employers to support the financial wellness of their employees. Money is confusing and complicated, and finding qualified advice is extremely difficult (and can be prohibitively expensive).

The DIYMoney Hub is a library of online content designed to take your employees from where they are right now, all the way along the path to financial competence. We show people how to design, build and maintain their own financial plan, without having to fork out thousands of pounds for individual advice. The team behind DIYMoney are qualified and regulated financial advisers, and our mission is to share our knowledge and experience with those who need it most, at a fraction of the cost.

The platform is split into bitesize chunks, covering everything your employees need to know as they build their assets through their working lives:

Full Access to the DIYMoney Hub
- Build Your Financial Plan From Scratch
- How To Work Out Your Financial Independence Number
- Budgeting Tips & Tricks
- Investing For Dummies
- Controlling Your Behaviour
- Selecting A Platform
- Choosing Between Tax Wrappers
- Building a Protection Portfolio
- Put Your Plan Together
- How To Review Your Financial Plan
- Financial Planning Tactics, Tips & Hints
- Should You Consolidate Your Pensions

Choosing the Right Building Blocks
- Platform Reviews
- Fund & Portfolio Reviews

Help To Maintain Your Financial Plan
- Quarterly Wellness Webinars – What Do You Need to Think About?
- Monthly Market Memos – What’s Going on In The Markets?
- Budget Bulletins – What’s Changed & What’s the Impact?

Unlike other Financial Wellness offerings in the marketplace, we can offer access to the DIYMoney Hub using the Trivial Benefits rules, meaning there is no P11D impact, no requirement for your employees to opt-in, no changes to your payroll system or Salary Sacrifice. It’s one low-cost fee for access, and the content is applicable to everyone.

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Contact:   Mr Joe Jackson
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