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Transforming Lunch Breaks with Foodles!

Step into the future of workplace dining with Foodles—a revolutionary concept that's rewriting the rules of employee well-being.

Our self-service smart fridges redefine convenience, offering healthy, chef-prepared meals available 24/7. Say goodbye to the lunchtime rush and rigid schedules—Foodles brings you hassle-free flexibility, tailored for the modern work environment.

Why do our customers adore Foodles' digital canteen concept? Here's why:

Daily Freshness: Our smart fridges brim with freshly made, delectable meals from our kitchen, replenished daily.

Affordable & Efficient: It's not just healthier, it's smarter for your budget too! Foodles costs a third less to employers than traditional canteens. Our meals are priced competitively against other high street lunch options, making it wallet-friendly for both employers and employees.

Seamless Experience: No more order placements—our algorithm tracks consumption, ensuring daily restocking without the hassle.

Sustainability Champion: We're committed to green practices. Our eco-friendly containers and reduced food waste take us a step closer to B-Corp certification (currently in review!).

Social Hub: Foodles isn't just about food; it's about creating a vibrant gathering space that beckons people back to the office, fostering connection and camaraderie.

Discover Foodles at Employee Benefits Live 2023 and witness how we're transforming lunch breaks into a seamless, sustainable, and sociable experience. Be part of the future—join us and redefine workplace dining!

We'll have our fridge and free taster samples at our stand, so be sure to stop by and chat with us.

See you there!

Stand Location: E10
Contact:   Mr Jordan Stephanou

Unit C301, The Chocolate Factory
5 Clarendon Road,
N22 6XJ

Telephone: 07507963470
Postcode/ZIP: N22 6XJ
Country: United Kingdom