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WEALTH at work is a leading financial wellbeing and retirement specialist - helping those in the workplace to improve their financial future.

Established in 2005, our financial coaches work with hundreds of organisations across both the private and public sector by providing financial education and one to one guidance. This can be arranged on a bespoke basis and covers every topic from debt and money management through to optimising employer sponsored benefits and retirement. Our coaches also specialise in delivering key projects for; defined benefit closures, lifetime allowance, pension changes, redundancy, share schemes and so much more.
Engagement is driven by designing campaigns to create awareness of upcoming programmes and then digital nudge technology is used to encourage participation to maximise take-up.
Knowledge can also be supported through the creation of informative and stimulating content for webcasts, animations, interactive calculators and tools including the Financial Healthcheck as well as the implementation of websites and portals to support any programme which can be delivered globally.

All our interactions are measured and can be benchmarked against the industry standard to fully understand the impact. This is of particular importance when meeting financial wellbeing objectives.

Following any intervention, for those wishing to understand their personal financial situation, support is also provided through our helpline. At this point, we can provide access to a savings platform (which can be linked to payroll), or regulated financial advice. Our advice service supports those who need specific recommendations which is particularly useful for those at retirement. It is also beneficial for those in retirement who may need to adapt their retirement planning in line with their changing needs.

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