Ruth Dodsworth
Ruth Dodsworth
TV presenter and journalist
ITV Cymru, Wales

Ruth Dodsworth is now one of Wales best known faces on TV. She began her career in radio, working as a researcher for BBC Radio Wales in the mid -1990s, when she then joined ITV Cymru Wales (previously HTV Wales) in June 1996, initially training as a news reporter presenter and anchor. Ruth then switched roles to become a weather presenter in 2000, but has since presented a wide range of local programmes for ITV Cymru Wales, including The Ferret, Grassroots, coverage of the Royal Welsh Show, Llangollen International Eisteddfod, Wales This Week, A Little Piece of Paradise and the BAFTA-nominated Coast and Country. Nationally she has presented and narrated the BAFTA nominated “Tonight” programme for ITV in 2022 and appears on ITV GMB and regionally across the UK as the daily weather presenter.

In 2021 Ruths’ ordeal at the hands of her ex-husband was made public, following the sentencing to prison of him for 3 years, for coercive and controlling behaviour and stalking. Since that date she has not hid away, but made it her goal to raise awareness and assist victims of domestic abuse in all its forms. She highlights that it is also important to help raise awareness to family and work colleagues of victims to the signs of abuse and how they can help.

Ruth is now an ambassador for domestic abuse prevention and sits as part of the Wales Survivors Panel. She is also involved in the training of the police and other emergency service officers in Wales on the signs of domestic abuse and the journey from a victims perspective. Ruth has presented to the Wales Criminal Justice Board and is assisting with a strategic document for change in Wales, so that the survivors experience is a better one.

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