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AAG Financial Education is an award-winning provider of financial education and advice. With over 22 years’ experience, we provide your employees with the confidence and tools to take control of their financial future, through a combination of interactive group seminars, one-to-one consultations, mortgage clinics, digital content, and more. As a leading name within the sector, we aim to highlight the importance of an employee's financial wellbeing alongside their physical and emotional/mental wellbeing and use real-time employee feedback to demonstrate to employers the value of a strong Financial Education programme.

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Company Contact Email: FinancialEducation@aag.co.uk

Queen Anne's Gate
2 Dartmouth Street

County/State: London
Telephone: 0207 016 6767
Postcode/ZIP: SW1H 9BP
Country: United Kingdom

AAG Financial Education Catalogue

AAG Financial Education Brochure

An overview of our Financial Education offering to corporate clients.

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Brochure: https://evessio.s3.amazonaws.com/customer/66def3d4-0d34-4aae-919a-ef6bd964edc9/event/5e344e66-6f10-4077-ad4c-eca30ffa090e/responses/2682c117-9a40-4ebc-83b2-73d99560b70a/AAG_Financial_Education_Brochure_2019.pdf
AAG Financial Education - Session Synopsis

Examples of seminar content for group sessions that are included as part of our Financial Education programme.

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Brochure: https://evessio.s3.amazonaws.com/customer/66def3d4-0d34-4aae-919a-ef6bd964edc9/event/5e344e66-6f10-4077-ad4c-eca30ffa090e/responses/163a695e-e032-4072-aa76-b62d40b000f7/Financial_Education_session_synopsis.pdf
AAG Financial Education - Day Summary

A summary of a typical AAG Financial Education Day, including pricing.

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Brochure: https://evessio.s3.amazonaws.com/customer/66def3d4-0d34-4aae-919a-ef6bd964edc9/event/5e344e66-6f10-4077-ad4c-eca30ffa090e/responses/b501e8e5-9c63-4168-ae01-1bdc9a4e771c/AAG_Financial_Education_Taster_Day.pdf
AAG Financial Education - Mortgage Clinics

Further information on the content and structure of our mortgage clinics, included as part of our Financial Education programme.

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Brochure: https://evessio.s3.amazonaws.com/customer/66def3d4-0d34-4aae-919a-ef6bd964edc9/event/5e344e66-6f10-4077-ad4c-eca30ffa090e/responses/80814f4c-fd52-4d02-9dc6-b182126e77b8/Financial_Education_Mortgage_Clinic_Plain.pdf

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