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The next-generation fertility clinic - Less stress/more success

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Apricity: The next-generation fertility clinic - Less stress/more success

1 in 6 couples struggle to conceive. Apricity is here to challenge traditional fertility treatment, making it more patient-centric, supported, and transparent:
• Virtual clinic, reducing the number of clinic visits per cycle from 9-10 to 2.
• Fertility advisors available 7/7 during extended hours
• More success : 57% pregnancy rate vs 27% av HFEA UK
• App designed to ensure treatment adherence and offering instant access to the medical team.
Apricity partners with corporates who truly care for their employees, offering:
• Webinars to understand how to navigate the fertility world.
• 1:1 session with a fertility nurse
• A-Z solutions, from diagnostics to full treatments

To learn more, contact corporate@apricity.life

Contact Email: corporate@apricity.life
Country: United Kingdom

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