Doggy De-stress
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We take our well behaved and well trained dogs in to businesses to de-stress staff. We are the only therapy dog based health and wellbeing business in the UK and our 100% positive feedback from clients such as Harrods, The Savoy, Sony Music and Adobe is proof that we're not barking mad. Scientific evidence proves that stroking and cuddling dogs lowers heart rate and blood pressure and releases feel good hormones. Our measure of success is how wide the smiles get when people enter the room full of our specially chosen dogs. Those smiles are taken back to their desks along with the feeling of the most unique well earned fifteen minute break of their working lives. It's also a fantastic team bonding experience. Our social media channels are full of the fun, love and relaxation that our dogs and human customers have during our sessions. We can also replace those 'bring your dog to work' days that end up causing stress rather than relieving it because we create a controlled environment for our trained dogs for a fixed amount of time and then leave you to get on with your jobs feeling completely Doggy De-stressed. Come and visit our stand to see for yourself how powerful our sessions are and if you're lucky, meet one of our doggy team members! In the meantime take a look at our Facebook page to watch Doggy De-stress in action

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126 Westminster Bridge Road
United Kingdom

Telephone: 07989 331319
Country: United Kingdom

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