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Make flexible working work for you.
Optimise your workspace, reduce costs and improve your employees’ wellbeing and productivity with HotDeskPlus’ data-rich MI reports and analysis. Our innovative and simple-to-use workspace management application is perfect for today’s workplace. It’s intuitive, great value for money and built on scalable and secure cutting-edge, cloud-based technology. For employers it helps optimise space and reduce real-estate costs by as much as 55%*. For employees, the certainty of having a desk space alleviates stress, improves wellbeing and increases productivity. It is the perfect app for all.
(*based on Brickendon projects)

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How to make flexible working work: Brickendon hot desking survey

Flexibility is a big thing, but successfully offering it in the workplace is not easy. Check out our new hot desking survey to see what really matters to your employees. Do they want to work from home? Would they prefer to sit next to the same people in the office each day? What would increase their productivity and how could you help improve their mental wellbeing?

Businesses are losing almost two weeks’ work a year due to ineffective hot desking. HotDeskPlus has the answer

The option to work flexibly is highly sought-after in today’s competitive working environment. However, making it work for both employers and employees is not easy. Implementing a structured hot desking system such as HotDeskPlus would not only enable employers to optimise their space and reduce real-estate costs, but also help alleviate any mental health concerns experienced by employees anxious about where they would sit.

Aaaargh, no free seats, spaces or desks; Aaaargh, unnecessary stress and poor wellbeing

Do you ever feel like there is one stress too many to deal with in a morning? And do you find yourself wishing you could be transported from your home to your work desk without the stress of negotiating the journey or wondering whether there’ll be a free space for you to sit in? You’re not alone. Read on to find out the stresses many of us face daily and what can be done to address these issues.

HotDeskPlus: Optimise your workspace, reduce your costs and improve your employees’ wellbeing

HotDeskPlus, designed and built by award-winning experts at Brickendon Digital, is a simple flexible-working tool, which optimises your workspace, reduces costs and improves your employees' wellbeing. Its data-rich management information (MI) reports and analysis are aimed at managing the demand for flexibility in today's ever-changing workplace and ensuring it works for both the employee and the employer. The tool is intuitive, easy-to-use and built on scalable and secure, cutting-edge cloud-based technology.

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