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Incorpore is a leading fitness and wellness company who have been successfully delivering solutions to thousands of companies since 2001. Our vision is to create a fitter, happier and more productive workforce, now and for future generations.

Our portfolio of services is designed to increase activity levels, improve the work-life balance and create a culture of wellbeing amongst the company’s employee population.

The UK’s most popular gym network serves over 6 million employees from 1,700 corporate clients and our health and wellness solutions are for companies of all sizes, irrespective of location and employee headcount.

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Incorpore launches health assessments employee benefit

Incorpore have always aimed to provide something for everyone, offering a benefit with coverage and choice for all. Incorpore is a leading corporate wellness company providing health and fitness solutions to 1,700 corporate clients, serving over 6 million people and partnering with 3,500 UK health clubs.

More recently we noticed a gap in the employee benefits market when it comes health assessment provisions, as such, Incorpore have created HealthiFlex and My Health Discounts as a proactive approach for employers to protect the health of their employees.

James Shillaker, Managing Director at Incorpore said: “From new starters to CEO’s, health assessments empower your employees to create a healthier and happier them, who is fitter, more motivated and engaged. The employee benefits from lower costs, greater convenience of location, and tailored health assessments. The employer will see a reduction in absenteeism, improved productivity, an increase in attracting and retaining talent, and better employee wellbeing.”


HealthiFlex offers discounted health assessments via salary deductions with the company paying for the annual health assessment, and making the relevant salary deductions from employees. HealthiFlex annual health assessments can be selected in your annual, quarterly or monthly selection windows. Our network offers choice, coverage, and great savings on a host of different packages at over 2,000 of the major medical health assessment providers. Health assessment options are viewed and selected via the HealthiFlex website. By offering your employees such a comprehensive coverage and choice of health assessments, take-up will increase from your dispersed working population, thereby, encouraging and empowering employees to take a proactive rather than reactive approach to their personal health.

My Health Discounts

My Health Discounts is an employee paid health assessment scheme whereby the employee benefits from corporate rates, but pays the health assessment provider direct. The voluntary benefit scheme offers discounts at over 2,000 health clinics across the UK and Ireland with a variety of health assessment types, meaning employees can choose the right health assessment for them closest to wherever they live or work. Our health network is comprised of the major health assessment operators including Nuffield Health, Bluecrest, BMI Healthcare, Medichecks and Ramsay Healthcare. A simple postcode search facility on the website means employees can obtain the discount and purchase immediately.

For more information on HealthiFlex or My Health Discounts, please contact the Incorpore Sales Team on or 0345 300 6474.

How Incorpore can help your workplace be healthier and happier

Incorpore has one new gym member every four minutes, creating a healthier, and happier workforce that doesn’t make unhealthy choices and decreases sickness absences.

Creating a positive, safe, and healthy environment, is key for a company’s corporate image. Therefore, it is vital to have in place employee benefits, which are beneficial to your workforce’s health and wellbeing. It can have an impact on employee morale, staff engagement, business performance, and aid with staff recruitment and retention. Incorpore is a leading corporate wellness company providing health and fitness-based products and services to 1,700 corporate clients, serving over 6 million people and partnering with 3,500 UK health clubs. 

Their mission is to dramatically increase the promotion and uptake of fitness and wellness services within the working population of the British Isles. Gym solutions to suit everyone, irrespective of location and budget! Incorpore have a network of over 3,500 of the leading club operators offering corporate memberships to all employees, no matter where they live or work.

Comprehensive coverage and choice of clubs increases take-up from a dispersed working population and encourages more employees to adopt an active lifestyle. They offer discounted gym memberships via salary deductions “GymFlex” or self-paid by the employees “My Gym Discounts”. GymFlex offers discounted gym memberships via salary deductions with the company paying for the annual gym membership and making the relevant salary deductions from employees. GymFlex 12-month memberships can be selected by employees in your annual, quarterly or monthly election windows.

My Gym Discounts is a self-paid gym membership scheme where the employee benefits from corporate rates and pays the club directly like a normal membership. The voluntary benefit scheme offer offers discounts at over 3,500 gyms across the UK and Ireland with a variety of membership types, meaning employees can choose the right membership for them, closest to wherever they live or work. Active lifestyle discounts to motivate healthy behavioural changes!

My Active Discounts is an exclusive network of discounted sport, fitness and wellness products designed to encourage employees to start living a healthier and more active lifestyle. Their unique collection of trusted suppliers gives employees the perfect choice to start or supplement their fitness journey and improve their wellbeing. Whilst Incorpore believe that a gym is the best place to get an all-body workout, we understand that some employees wish to workout at home, play sport or supplement their exercise plan with nutrition products so we want to offer more than just gyms. It also makes sense that someone joining the gym for the first time might want a new pair of trainers or workout clothes.

If you are interested in learning more about Incorpore and their fitness offerings, please contact them on

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MyMindPal - Emotional Wellbeing For Everyone

The new, innovative and stress-free way to look after employee’s mental wellbeing. MyMindPal is an online emotional wellbeing platform that helps your employees thrive on a daily basis. MyMindPal hosts a variety of evidence-based exercises to assist employees to reduce stress in the moment, build a positive mind-set, learn to live in the present moment, and build their levels of resilience collectively leading to an enhanced level of emotional wellbeing, increased performance levels and reduced absenteeism.

Our minds are full of thoughts and images. It’s like a film playing on repeat. Some of these thoughts and images can help employees feel happy. Some just get in the way. MyMindPal lets them remaster the motion picture that’s playing out in their mind every day. Think of it as their director’s cut. They get to decide the story that’s told – and what gets cut. Meaning they can dial up the things that help them feel good and leave out the things that don’t in just five minutes a day.

Jason Blyth, Co-Founder of MyMyindPal, says “we believe every employee deserves emotional wellbeing support and it is our job to make MyMindPal accessible to everyone. This involves making the platform commercially viable for all types and size of businesses.

We also believe that emotional wellbeing begins at home. We want to extend our offering by giving access to the families and loved ones of the employees we support. Modern day problems need fresh solutions and we are busy working on content that addresses a number of emotional wellbeing impact factors.

We are currently developing tools that support insufficient sleep quality, exercise motivation and managing emotionally driven eating habits.

Our work will never be done. Instead it will always evolve as society and technology changes and new challenges and opportunities present themselves.”

The Importance of Giving Employees a Choice of Wellness Solutions

As employees, we are consumers and our love for consumption comes from the free society in which we live, where we can make our own choices. It’s not just that we prefer options to choose from - we expect them. Choice enables us to take charge of our own fortune and express who we are to the people around us.

When it comes to fitness, choice is everything. You cannot dictate the venue, the time or the activity to a group of employees and expect a positive result.

Incorpore Ltd is a leading fitness and wellness company which has been successfully delivering solutions to thousands of companies since 2001. As the UK’s largest gym network partnering with 3,500 health clubs, Incorpore serves over six million employees from 1,700 corporate clients. Their solutions are for companies of all sizes, regardless of location or employee headcount.

The company knows the importance of providing employees with choice, which is reflected in the diversity of its products. By using Incorpore, employers are granted an extensive choice of fitness activities for their workforce. The firm partners with major gym operators and leisure centres, as well as martial arts venues, yoga studios or boot camps, all over the UK. Not only will employees be entitled to discounted gym memberships, but they will have the opportunity to choose the gym which is most tailored to their needs.

James Shillaker, Founder and Director of Incorpore Ltd says: “Employees expect choice where their health is concerned. They expect to have easy access to all their options instantly. We cater to this growing expectation by providing the largest choice of fitness solutions, suitable for every employee irrespective of budget, location or fitness level. A diverse group of employees requires an equally diverse selection of options.”

Choice is also at the heart of Incorpore’s newly launched health assessment schemes, My Health Discounts and HealthiFlex. Employers can provide their workforce with discounted health checks at over 2,000 major health clinics across the UK and Ireland. The choice does not stop there. Incorpore’s schemes cover a large variety of health assessments, from a vital numbers check to a full body assessment – products and prices to suit the individual’s needs.

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