Love Lunches
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We make stopping for lunch possible for your whole team.

We prioritise health and wellbeing every day by making sure your team has deliciously balanced lunches delivered direct to them every week. No more preparation and planning of lunchtime food and no more excuses about not having a lunch. Give your team time to spend on themselves, taking a much-needed middle of the day pause so they are more in control of their wellbeing and return to work feeling refreshed and re-fueled.

Often we forget about food when we talk health and wellbeing, we tend to focus on exercise and rest. So much of how we feel is determined by what we're putting into our bodies to fuel it for the day, the week and our lifetimes. We can work with you to support your Wellbeing Strategy by making sure food is on the agenda and a key priority when it comes to your teams.

Love Lunches is great for hybrid working arrangements or those who are completely home-based.

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Contact:   Jessica Wicks
Country: United Kingdom

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