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LowerMyCharges.com is a firm of whole of market financial advisers. But we’re different.

We are able to deliver qualified and impartial financial advice to anyone anywhere in the UK, using technology to make our service affordable, accessible, and convenient.

And we have a mission.

We want to make financial advice available to everybody.

So that everybody can take control of their financial health and their futures.

This is why we work with employers to provide financial advice to employees as a non-taxable benefit in kind, addressing financial wellbeing in the workplace and financial inclusion.

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Britannia House
Caerphilly Business Park

County/State: Caerphilly
Telephone: 02922 672 021
Postcode/ZIP: CF83 3GG
Country: United Kingdom

LowerMyCharges.com Catalogue

Financial Advice for Employees

Brochure illustrating importance of addressing financial wellbeing

Download brochure
Brochure: https://evessio.s3.amazonaws.com/customer/66def3d4-0d34-4aae-919a-ef6bd964edc9/event/5e344e66-6f10-4077-ad4c-eca30ffa090e/responses/7ff783a6-7ce6-4e9f-b67f-08d88c014f92/9._Advice_for_Employees.pdf
Financial Wellbeing presentation

Presentation addressing financial wellbeing as an Employee Benefit

Download brochure
Brochure: https://evessio.s3.amazonaws.com/customer/66def3d4-0d34-4aae-919a-ef6bd964edc9/event/5e344e66-6f10-4077-ad4c-eca30ffa090e/responses/1b629694-9d1d-4d97-9cc4-a720098a68e6/Financial_Wellbeing.pptx
Company website

Employers section of LowerMyCharges.com

Employee Benefits brochure

Brochure illustrating the importance for Employers of adopting a financial wellbeing strategy.

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