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Workplace Pension optimisation specialist.

We work on existing, poor performing workplace pensions to maximise the pension for employees and save employers money. They can then improve employee benefits or add savings straight onto their bottom line.

Our existing scheme audit is free of charge and if we don't save you money, we won't cost you a penny.

This is a service we have offered our own Group clients over the years with 100% success rate. From the point of view of companies like yours, the administration is easy and quick and the savings big enough to add value. One of those rare occasions in which everyone wins.

In an often difficult economy with reports of employee mobility surging, offering an improved employee benefits package is more important than ever. Doing it without costing you any extra money, in fact even saving you money, makes the timing of our service perfect.

There is power in planning, and that's what we do best.

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We specialise in optimising WorkPlace Auto-Enrolment pension schemes. In the process we save the employer money which they can use to add to their bottom line or commission us to design and implement an Employee Benefits package.

In a difficult economy, saving money is good, and when you add that to increasing employee mobility using that money to enhance your employee's package is even better. Simply doing this isn't enough, you as an employer also need to make sure your teams value what you have done. Using state of the art systems and technology we ensure that communication is first class.

Scheme s designed by us have an upward of 80% take up and higher engagement than the now dusty, quick off the shelf auto-enrolment schemes we replace and repair.

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Contact:   Mr Colin Kee

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