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We believe financial wellbeing is not about having the most money. It’s about having enough money to enjoy the things in life that make us happy. It’s about feeling in control, having financial freedom and prioritising what’s important to each and every one of us.

Money is just fuel for the rocket, what people really want to do is go somewhere

Your employees could be looking to build their savings, buy a property, fund family events, retire early, or leave a nest egg to their children or grandchildren, and we’re here to help them work out where they want to be and how to get there.

By working with employers we can provide a combination of financial advice, education and guidance in the workplace, we can help to normalise the conversation around money, and promote greater financial wellbeing.

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At Schroders Personal Wealth, we want to be more than just a financial planning business. We want to transform the industry and create a society where everyone sees the value of a great financial plan.

Backed by of one of the UK’s leading fund managers and one of the UK’s largest retail banks, we have the advantage of solid foundations and a strong heritage but we take a fresh, transparent and personal approach. Our heritage may be 400 years old, but our approach is built for the future.

We work with employers to design bespoke engagement plans, by providing a combination of financial advice, education and guidance in the workplace, which can help normalise the conversation around money, and embed financial wellbeing into your company culture.

Our support for employees covers key areas such as:
• What is financial wellbeing, and how you can look after your financial wellbeing
• Protecting you and your family
• Saving and investing for your future
• Saving and investing for your children
• Planning for your retirement
• Enjoying your retirement
• Intergenerational wealth transfer

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Contact:   Miss Leigh Dunkley

Schroders Personal Wealth
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