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Ben is the all-in-one platform for any company to personalise benefits and reward.

Our secret? Marrying a modern software (SaaS) platform with per-employee Mastercards and financial infrastructure. That’s how Ben adds flexibility to your existing benefits, unlocks access to hundreds of additional options through the Ben Card, all while saving you time and money.

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Ben is a modern open compensation and benefits platform that enables truly flexible benefits powered by payments. With Ben, companies reduce cost and administration while giving employees more flexibility, value, and control over their reward. Our investors include the founders and people behind Transferwise,, GoCardless, Workday, Revolut, and UIPath.

Ben is used by some of the fastest growing companies in Europe with the following results:
• 83%+ of employees engage with Ben every month (97% activation)
• 24%+ savings on existing benefits spend
• 92%+ reduction in benefits admin

Ben is unique because we are:
• Completely agnostic to brokers, providers, and consultants. This means Ben's incentives are aligned to always provide you with the best value products and services and you can offer anything as a benefit
• The only platform that integrates financial services and payment technology to automate flexible benefits administration end-to-end
• Built from the ground-up with a modern, open technology stack and fresh, modern UX

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Contact:   Mr Lukas Roth

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