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Here's the deal: yulife brings wellbeing, engagement and protection for the most important part of your business

What does that mean for you: You're able to empower your people by giving them the tools to be well; mentally, physically and financially WHILE also making them happy with rewards they care about.

Here's how we do it: With our app employees can download our awesome app and earn top notch rewards from partners like ASOS, EAT, Garmin, Calm, SoFar Sounds and loads more. Oh, and for every mile you walk you earn an Avios mile. Yeah. Walk a mile: earn a mile.

How much is this going to cost me: So glad you asked. I mean we all know you can't put a price tag on employee happiness...but if you could, £7.99 a month would be the answer.

Sounds dope, I'm in/ I have questions: Tight, come see us at booth G100 and we'll be happy to chat. Also we're giving away prizes for walking the most steps during the conference, so come sign up!

Healthcare & Wellbeing Employee Benefits Motivation
Telephone: 07578 403084
Country: United Kingdom

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