Reward Gateway Launches the Engaged Index™ to Establish Employee Engagement Benchmark

Powerful four-question tool provides employers with actionable insights to help measure, manage and improve employee engagement Reward Gateway, a leading global employee engagement company, announced an addition to its employee engagement platform with the launch of the Engaged Index™, a proprietary tool that measures workforce engagement. The Engaged Index establishes an employee engagement benchmark for any job role, department, division or geographic location and helps organizations identify areas at risk of turnover, presenteeism and low morale. Available to clients using Reward Gateway’s employee engagement platform, the Engaged Index can be quickly pulsed out to employees and completed in minutes. Results are available on the platform’s analytics dashboard in real time, allowing HR leaders to immediately track current trends and connections between a company’s communications, reward and recognition, and benefits strategies, in addition to a company's overall employee engagement. For more information, visit:

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